Alls Well That Ends Well

Alls Well That Ends Well


All good things, eventually come to an end, and at times we do not get to choose when that might be. My trip came to an abrupt end on March 17.

I was about 15 miles north of Tres Lagos Patagonia with 15 miles more of gravel remaining. I have no recall of the event but suspect strongly that my habit of riding too fast on gravel roads may have had something to do with the eventual end over end fall and crash. I was found on the road taking a little untimely nap, by two men in a pick-up truck. They loaded moto into their truck and took me to the small village of Tres Lagos. At the gas station there, I then met two other men who took me under their wings and got me to a local hostal where I continued my nap. These men, pictured above, were down visiting a recently purchased sheep ranch, above. They were very kind and agreed to take me back to Buenos Aires the next day. This journey took three and a half days as we were about 1800 miles south of the capital. I had decided to not attempt repair of the moto as it would have cost about $ 1500 just to get it to Buenos Aires and then another $ 2000 to get it home, plus the $ 2000 or so for repairs. I gifted the moto to the good shepherds

 and it will spend it’s days tending sheep.  I ended up with bruised ribs, sore hip and a sore sternum.  I may have been knocked out for no more than 10 minutes, as there is some traffic on this road. When I returned home I went to my doctor for an exam and had a cat scan just for safety sake. All seems well, I did get rattled pretty good and recovery is slow.

I had been warned about this section of road by other riders but decided to ride it anyway, I have no regrets and up to the fall enjoyed the riding.

I shall not return to continue my travels in South America but cannot overstate how much I enjoyed it. It was truly a trip of a life time. I can walk and talk. Yes!

Besides losing the motorcycle I also broke my Apple Mac Book, beyond repair. I lost many of your addresses and all of my photographs. Bummer. At this point, I have lost most of my web-page entries, so if someone has copied them to their hard-drive I would appreciate it, if you could forward them to me. I arrived home Easter Sunday and have been spending my time recovering, and thinking about my next motorcycle.

I met so many wonderful people on the road and will miss the fellowship.

This will be my last blog until my next trip to ?

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