Ferry Ride

Ferry Ride

My ride to Prince Rupert was short and pretty, no rain. Got a good nights rest.
Stood standby for the ferry, it was booked full, but they always seem to have space for motorcycles. $330.
Got on, and sailed to Port Hardy Vancouver Island. 16 hours, arriving at 11.30 PMĀ 
Fires still raging in central BC.
My friend Wayne from Williams Lake was visiting family in Alberta and can’t get home, as all roads to Williams Lake are closed and it has been evacuated.
As I was sitting reading my book, in the narrowest section of the inside passage with about a 100 foot or less cloud layer, here comes a Beaver, on floats, flying past. The Beaver is a favorite aircraft for bush-pilots.
Clouds and rain, for the first half, then just cloudy for the remainder, the water became very still and the scenery beautiful, not the ideal weather for seeing nor photographing the Inside Passage. However a good time to read. I have been trying for months to read “A Man Called Ove” finally got it read, yes, it’s a wonderful read.
Tomorrow I will ride the 290 miles to Victoria, take another ferry to Port Angeles Washington. Then I will visit my nephew in in Bainbridge Island, then fly home for a little break.



From: Hotel Grand Pacific

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