Decision time. 

Decision time. 

My easiest 400 mile day so far . Good roads and perfect weather, make for easy traveling. Now in Fort Saint John BC. This is the final decision point, once I leave here, I am committed to the Alaska Hwy. For the first part of the day I was ready to turn south and head to safer, easier roads, but as I rode on I figured I’m here so might just as well continue. Not an easy decision, as there are many hazards, the Alaska Hwy is generally a good road with a few exceptions, most hazardous are the construction areas, and there will be many. Not as comfortable traveling alone, as I once was.

Tomorrow is Canada’s 4 of July, and people come out of the woods to celebrate, so all hotel rooms are taken.

Generally speaking there are settlements every 150 miles or so, with limited hotels, fuel planning and sleeping arrangements are critical. I brought only emergency camping gear, and don’t want to have to use it.

As of tonight, I will continue on, spending tomorrow in Toad River, about 350 miles , then onto Johnson Crossing Yukon.

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